About Us

Serona Health Pvt Ltd is an organization conceived to address and bridge the gap between IT and the healthcare industry. Serona Health aims to enhance and evolve the interdependence of either domains through a blend of experienced technology experts and practicing healthcare professionals. Our panel of experts have the ability to envision, conceptualize, execute and deploy web based, mobile and stand alone software solutions along with developing educational and promotional content for hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, physicians, patients and allied health services.

Serona Health is a pioneer in developing interactive media and gaming solutions to enhance hands-on learning experience and to reinforce medical concepts for physicians and patients. Our interactive educational models and teaching materials cater to generic medical concepts as well as specialty and super specialty-centered principles and treatment paradigms.

Our solutions are conceived after intensive study of current research articles,guidelines and identifying the knowledge lacunae that exist within the healthcare industry. Serona Health attempts to contain and bridge these deficits applying diligently researched and filtered content to algorithms which conform to software programming protocols. Our technology experts help provide shape to these programs for execution and deployment across various media and devices.

We at Serona Health believe that as the information technology makes further in-roads into the healthcare domain, we endeavor to weave two diverse domains into effective and meaningful marketing strategies and healthcare solutions