Courses / Workshops

Course : Social Media Marketing for Healthcare (101A)

WORK SHOP: 12 HOURS ( 6 HRS EACH DAY ) MAY 23 & MAY 24TH (2015)

ONLINE : One hour skype sessions for subscribers (12 business days )

Location : SERONA HEALTH PVT LTD,# 5-9-88/3, First Floor,Jewel Square Building, Fateh Maidan,Hyderabad 500001, Telangana, India.

Course & Workshop schedule:

MAY 23 10AM-12 NOON* What is social media marketing-using Twitter, facebook and youtube 2 hours
MAY 23 12:45PM-2:45 PM* Online Marketing fundamentals 2 hours
MAY 23 3:00PM-5:00PM Social media and healthcare 2 hours
MAY 24 10AM-12 NOON Viral media marketing 2 hours
MAY24 12:45PM-2:45 PM Building an online community 2 hours
MAY24 3:00PM-5:00 PM Exploring Facebook / twitter web analytics and Reporting 2 hours

*Followed by a Break.

Certificate in Social Media Marketing and Health Care issued upon course completion.Fee Rs 4000/- only for complete course.