Executive Board Of Directors

CEO/Medical Director

Dr. Krishna Kandala is the CEO of Serona Health Private Limited. He along with Dr. Ajay Bhora and Ms. Harrsha A Bhora comprise the trinity that co-founded the organization. Dr. Krishna Kandala conceptualizes client requirements into software applications in health care domain. He handles the operation and execution of client requirements and in house product development. He is a practicing Otolaryngology (ENT) specialist working as a private practitioner.

Co-Founder /Medical Director

Dr. Ajay bhora is the co-founder of serona health Private limited. He is a practicing hospitalist specializing in Internal Medicine.He provides business direction to the organization. In his capacity as a physician he is actively involved in networking with peers and deveoping health content for our applications.

Creative Head- Med Mavins Health Comics

Ms. Harrsha A Bhora is the Creative Head of Medmavins vertical within the Organization. She is instrumental in developing the entire graphic health comics as a product into a vibrant stand alone vertical within the comapny. She co-ordinates with the graphic team regarding story boarding, screen play and design of the health comics. A graphic artist herself she has extensive experience in the animation industry.

Advisory Board

Dr. Jai Varma

Dr. Jai Varma joined Advanced Heart Care in October 2012. Prior to joining, he was Assistant Professor and Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Louisiana State University, Shreveport. Dr. Varma has special interest in preventive cardiovascular medicine, coronary and peripheral interventions and structural heart disease.Based on his extensive experience, Dr.varma advises the board on outreach and implemetation startgeies of our health program internationally.

Dr. Sujatha Nallapareddy

Dr. Sujatha is a practicing cancer Specialist in USA. she has spearheaded a unique direction to our graphic health novels. Under her able guidance we are planing to release several cancer related education comics for the common masses. Dr. sujatha is a very focused individual and has dedicated her time to help spread cancer awareness amongts the under privileged sections nationally and internationally.

Dr. Arun N.Badi

Dr. Arun Badi is a Sleep Medicine Specialist and also is a board-certified Otolaryngologist (ENT) specialist.He specializes in Pediatric air way diseases. A keen academician who breaks the mould.He also holds a PhD in Bioengineering.Because of his extensive education, Dr. Badi is currently collaborating with researchers and engineers to provide better treatment options for patients suffering from airway diseases.He has a special place for children and has actively been involved in dissemination of health education to children across various communities.